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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Young Lady Pick Up Adun

About The ADUN Subang Jaya

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Hannah Yeoh
Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Whilst our nation is following closely on the changes to the federal and state governments and their policies, I have been continuously inspired by the young people in our constituency. Yesterday at noon time, two young people made an appointment with us at our office. Purpose of the appointment was not to file a complaint or on what I could do for them BUT to offer their help to us. They came prepared with a vacuum cleaner and got straight down to work. They cleaned up and ran around town helping us with the setting up of the new office. I found out that it was their day of rest yesterday but they sacrificed that and came to serve. They too, like many others, are walking the talk. Wendy and Shaohen - thank you so much!

This afternoon I was again reminded that our team had definitely made an impact in the hearts of the younger generation. I was visited by a 15 year old girl called Ling Yi. She came to my office after school with a bouquet of roses and when asked what it was for, she said:

"You are brave enough to stand up for our justice. You inspired me alot! Thank you for all the hard works!" - Ling Yi from USJ 12

As I sit here and type this now, I am filled with a sense of hope and purpose. I know Malaysia can be cured of corruption. Why? I see that strong mark of the desire for righteousness in the eyes of our "future". I commend you young people for speaking up and for stepping out to do your part for our country.

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