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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thank you Seputeh, thank you Kinrara! From Teresa To All Friend.

Dear Friends,

I apologise for taking more than a week before thanking you all for backing me and my party to a historic victory.

I have been busy thanking voters and busy with party matters after polling day, that’s why i did not have time to blog and even check email.

Many voters want to share my joy by inviting me to makan and meet with them. Now I’ll have to work overtime at the gym. LOL

I am humbled by volunteer election workers who responded in droves, for without them life would have been difficult for me and my small team.

I thank those who made financial donations in whatever sums, for without them our presence through banners, posters and leaflets would not have been so visible.

I thank my loyal support team who stood by me 24/7, through good and difficult times.

I thank my family for their encouragement and emotional support.

A huge thank-you to the voters of Seputeh and Kinrara who have so much faith in me and for re-electing me to Seputeh for a third term and to Kinrara for my maiden term.

Finally, I thank my Heveanly Father for his guidance, for the strength He gives me and for the blessings He shall shower on all who have voted for change. May He continue to lead my hand and guide me to serve my constituents to the best of my ability.

Frankly, I am quite surprised by the election results as a whole, I am also quite surprised to learn that I have the highest margin of votes in the country, 36,429 votes. Wow!! I am so honoured and surprised too!! Million thanks to the voters of Seputeh for your kind support and trust in me. I attribute all these to God’s intervention and God’s grace, not only to me, but to the people in general too.

I found it quite amusing that my original intention of contesting a state seat in Selangor state was to help the party to win one more seat and to check the Khir Toyo-led government in the Selangor state assembly. But now the DAP is in the driver’s seat and poor Khir Toyo is now the opposition leader.

I will be in the Selangor state exco soon. I am not sure about the Deputy Menteri Besar position, as it is only a recommendation from the party central executive committee. I know many women and my voters in Puchong hope I can hold the position. For me, I leave it to the hands of the party and the state government. I never campaigned for it, despite what some bloggers claimed.

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